Typically, most 3D maps are visualization techniques to place empty 3D building objects on-top-of traditional 2D maps. Voxelmaps is different, it creates true 3D volumetric data with an added dimension of time, not just pseudo 3D data or 2.5D data.

Using the Voxelmaps' GIS mapping approach, the volume of each city is mapped and provided as a full, 3D virtual model with accuracy levels down to 2cms. Ultimately, creating a digital twin with our advanced & unique technology.

In addition the Voxelmaps' approach allows data to be stored in multiple temporal states. This allows cities to detect change over time.
This allows cities to model and understand their infrastructure in a way that until now has not been possible.
Whether it is to solve problems of traffic flow, design new buildings, upgrade infrastructure or ensure compliance, a Voxelmap of your city provides you a new level of intelligence.
Using Voxelmaps Artificial Intelligence tools over the top of this data allows the city to automatically extract data from this virtual volumetric model to any GIS or mapping format for further analysis.

The Infrastructure Bill’s Geospatial Provisions

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