Indoor LiDAR & Imagery
Data Collection

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Our indoor volumetric mapping services allow organizations to not only map the outside of buildings but also to map the inside of them in incredible detail, while being able to use and analyze the data in one globally consistent 3D model.

Voxelmaps provides collection services of building interiors and pedestrian areas using backpack or handheld LiDAR and camera-based scanners. This data is then consumed by the Voxelmap’s Insight Platform (VIP) for creating voxel-based 3D models.

Applications for indoor mapping include:

  • Indoor Surveying
  • Indoor Navigation
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality Applications
  • Robotic Navigation
  • GIS Mapping for Digital Twin creation
Pedestrian Only Access Area Collection

In addition to building interiors, many other locations benefit from being able to collect data using pedestrian methods. We have successfully collected large scale datasets in pedestrian only areas of cities, through to back-easements for Utility scanning, as well as parks and forests. If you have a difficult-to-collect area please reach out to us to see how we might be able to help you.

Ground - Control Point Collection

Ground Control Points (GCPs) are very often required in order to create hyper accurate datasets, especially in GPS limited environments, such as urban canyons. We are experienced in collecting custom GCPs to support many different types of projects in many countries around the world.

If you’d like to work with a top geospatial company that is experienced in operating many different backpack and fixed LiDAR Mapping Systems, contact us today and discover how our technology can significantly benefit your business.

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