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Utility & Asset Mapping
HD Map Data Creation
4D Mapping
Indoor Volumetric Mapping
Traditional approaches to mapping infrastructure normally consist of sending large teams of people into the field, on foot or by car, to map assets. This process is time consuming, expensive and normally not very accurate with many attributes being “estimated” by humans.
Voxelmaps has developed unique GIS mapping technology using a Voxel-based mapping approach, which combines highly accurate LiDAR point cloud data and HD camera data into a true 3D volumetric mapping model.

This data is collected using Voxelmap’s SYMBO mobile mapping platform and the assets are automatically extracted using advanced AI methods.
This approaches allows Voxelmap’s to map assets & infrastructure with unparalleled accuracy, as well as drastically increasing efficiency by reducing collection time and costs.

The Infrastructure Bill’s Geospatial Provisions

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