Traditional approaches to mapping infrastructure typically consist of sending large teams of people into the field, on foot or by car, to map assets. This process is time-consuming, expensive, and usually not very accurate with many attributes being “estimated” by humans.

Geospatial Mapping Technology

Voxelmaps has developed unique geospatial technology using a Voxel-based mapping approach, which combines highly accurate LiDAR point cloud data and HD camera data into a true 3D volumetric mapping model.

The Significance of Digital Twins in Utilities

A Digital Twin model of an existing physical asset can help utility companies enhance operational efficiency and offer ways to test assets and systems in order to predict and prepare for a wide range of scenarios.

Utilities have been market leaders in taking advantage of cutting-edge technologies to reduce the risk of vegetation encroachment, service disruptions, and wildfires. They have been utilizing Digital Twin technology to accurately model risk to their networks and other surrounding infrastructure. This is achieved by creating a highly accurate 3D model of the network and then combining that with other organizational data sets.

This groundbreaking technology enables businesses to run real-world scenarios, assess current and future risks, make better and faster decisions, and improve business processes.

The Voxelmaps Approach

Voxelmaps carries out data collection services to capture critical infrastructure networks and assets in tremendous detail, allowing the identification AND measurement of all the assets. 

Using the AI/ML-based Voxelmaps Insight Platform (VIP), we’re able to automate the feature extraction to run real-world scenarios, assess current and future risks, including the identification and quantifying of vegetation encroachment issues, and prioritize network maintenance and disaster response.

This approach allows Voxelmaps to map assets and infrastructure with unparalleled accuracy and drastically increase efficiency by reducing collection time and costs.

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The Infrastructure Bill’s Geospatial Provisions

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