Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly being adopted by various industries and businesses to support repetitive tasks and improve processes. There has been a boom in interest from the biggest tech companies to innovative startups in utilizing AI to take our experiences to that next level.

AI has been key in optimizing user experience, interacting with our mobile devices, to even quite literally getting us from A to B with autonomous vehicles. We’re coming across AI and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms much more than we realize.

Mapping of Objects - Collection of Custom Object Image Data Set

  • Custom AI Ground Truth Data
  • Custom Data Collection Projects to Capture Object Imagery
  • Targeted Collection to focus on objects in real-world environments
  • Complex Collection Criteria – Multi-Device & Lighting Parameters
  • Global International Collection in Multiple Languages

Collection at Scale

We operate multi-country/multi-location studies with local teams carrying out data collection in many different environments.

We run the studies end-to-end managing all aspects from planning, recruitment, systems, staffing, management, logistics & data delivery. Contact us today to learn more!

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