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Voxelmaps is building the world’s most accurate 4D volumetric model of the earth

Combining high-resolution scans using the latest LiDAR and HD imaging sensors, fused with a wide variety of other rich content. The result is a new form of mapping which provides superior levels of accuracy, information, and insight.

Mapping the world

Voxelmaps manages the end-to-end collection & delivery of many spatial data collection projects across the world.

Mapping People and Things

Aside from mapping the physical world, we also collect data to help ‘machines’ understand objects, people, animals, and even sounds.

Voxelmaps Insight Platform

The Voxelmaps Insight Platform (VIP) provides a fully automated pipeline to process LiDAR and Imagery data to extract assets, features, and detailed information from collected data sets.

SYMBO DUO Mobile Mapping System

The SYMBO DUO is Voxelmaps’ next-generation integrated mobile mapping system. Our unique device consists of state-of-the-art LiDAR, optical cameras, high accuracy GPS, IMU, and has the ability to support PPK and RTK if required.

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Utility Industry

Voxelmaps has developed unique geospatial technology using a Voxel-based mapping approach, which combines highly accurate LiDAR point cloud data and HD camera data into a true 3D volumetric mapping model.

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