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Voxelmaps is building the world’s most accurate 4D volumetric model of the earth

Combining high-resolution scans using the latest LiDAR and HD imaging sensors, fused with a wide variety of other rich content. The result is a new form of mapping which provides superior levels of accuracy, information, and insight.

Asset & Infrastructure Mapping

End-to-end mapping service for assets and infrastructure for Utility Companies, Telecoms and Cities.

HD Map Data Creation

Voxelmaps has developed a technology platform designed to collect HD map data and automate much of the HD map creation process.

Automated Feature Extraction

Rapidly extract assets and create HD map data from Lidar point clouds and images using the Voxelmaps automated platform.

4D Mapping Hardware

Introducing SYMBO, an all-in-one mobile mapping solution for the creation of true Volumetric 4D map data with HD accuracy.

Spatial Data Collection & Project Staffing

Voxelmaps manages the end-to-end delivery of many spatial data collection projects across the world

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