Aside from mapping the physical world, we also collect data to help ‘machines’ understand objects, people, animals, and even sounds. 

It’s extremely rare to find a geospatial data company that can effectively collect data on people and things and it be of a high standard. That’s where we step in. 

The next generation of machines, from phones to robots, not only needs to understand the physical nature and locations of buildings around them, they need to be able to understand people and things in these environments. We operate large scale projects to collect data on people, objects and personal environments using user study models. This allows us to create data sets to train the next generation of AI, with specific demographics and requirements. Customizing everything from light conditions, locations, temperature and sound. 

In order to give the best AI data services, we go out into the real world and physically collect the data you are interested in. Businesses that are developing consumer hardware devices, home automation or autonomous delivery systems can benefit from these custom data sets.

Some of the key services we offer include:

  • Mapping of People
    User Studies – Capturing Custom Imagery & 3D Scans
  • Mapping of Objects
    Collection of Custom Object Image Data Set
  • Mapping of Soundscapes
    Collection of Real-World Audio Data
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