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Team VoxelMaps

Peter Atalla
Founder & CEO
Peter is a technology entrepreneur with 2 successful exits. He has been in the mapping industry for 16 years and has lead very large scale mapping projects for some of the largest technology companies in the world.

Previously he was CEO and founder of Navmii a navigation and mapping company with over 30million users that mapped 180 countries.  

Prior to this he grew his previous company DataArt, to over 500 people before exiting. Peter has a degree in Applied Physics from NTU.
Andrey Trifonov
Founder & CTO
Andrey has spent the past 16 years building and managing the development of mapping and navigation technologies around the world.

He was CTO of Navmii for 10 years and prior to this he lead the navigation and mapping team at DataArt.

Andrey has a Masters degree in Computer Science from ITMO University Russia and a degree in Linguistics from from the St Petersburg University in Russia.
Anton Varefolomeev
Chief Scientist
Anton is a Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence Scientist with 8 years’ experience of CV and AI applied to GIS data and mapping.

He leads the CV and AI teams at Voxelmaps. He has advanced degrees in Neuroscience and AI.

He has published papers with the University of Gothenburg and University of Tokyo

Tim Munstermann
Fleet Mapping Director
Previously Tim was a Regional Manager for Field Mapping for the largest technology company in the World.

Prior to that he was President of Digital Fleet, a leading Fleet Management Software company. Tim is focused on developing relationships with Fleets around the world to collect crowd data.

Tim has a degree in Computer Science and an MBA from the University of Illinois.
Mark Barounos
SVP Partnership and Strategic Alliances
30 Years Experience in Business Development and Start-up Sales Generation.

Serial Entrepreneur with 2 successful exits
Senior Business Development Role at HP on West Coast.

Extensively Connected in Infrastructure, Energy & Communications Sectors in the USA and beyond.
Stig Pedersen
Board Advisor - Business Development
Stig is an experienced GPS and Mapping executive. As Head of Product for Magellan he was responsible for a $500M product portfolio ranging from GIS to Vehicle Navigation.

As leader of Magellan's B2B activities he closed over $200M in deals with Hertz, Subaru, Yamaha and Adidas.

Stig has a M.Sc. in Business Administration from Aarhus University, Denmark.