Geospatial technology is delivering valuable insight into the transportation sector, allowing organizations to visualize operations and plan, monitor, and manage complex systems more effectively.

As customer demand is increasing exponentially within this sector, businesses must be thinking ahead to meet tight deadlines while adhering to updated health and safety measures and still maintaining cost-efficiency and sustainability.

Digital Twins are Transforming the Transportation Industry

A Digital Twin is an incredibly valuable technology to ensure operations are running smoothly, efficiently, and safely whether that’s designing new infrastructure or maintaining and prolonging the life of your existing assets. 4D Digital Twins go even further by being able to detect changes over time and take action on infrastructure when required. Visualizing everything together gives businesses the opportunity to make better decisions, faster.

We commonly hear DOTs (Departments of Transportation) needing to do more with less. More maintenance, asset management, project planning, project development, operations, damage assessment, etc., and fewer resources to rely on.

By creating a Digital Twin of their transportation assets, Voxelmaps provides insights into many parts of the transportation business without having to recollect data based on a particular need. Voxelmaps allows transportation organizations to automatically extract their assets through our Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool set. Additionally, you can perform automated change detection with future collections so that manual verification is minimized.

Greater Insight and Operational Performance

If you’d like to work with an experienced mapping company in running projects end-to-end, including the planning, vehicles, systems, staffing, mission management, logistics & data, Voxelmaps is here to help!

Contact us today to see how our superior technology can organize your information for better decisions and customer satisfaction.

The Infrastructure Bill’s Geospatial Provisions

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