A high-definition (HD) map is a highly accurate map used for autonomous vehicles (AVs). These maps play a vital role when it comes to AVs precisely localizing themselves and accurately navigating on a lane-level basis.

We need HD maps to be highly accurate to localize AVs down to cm level position on the planet. These maps allow AVs to know exactly where they are and what direction they’re facing in terms of accuracy, perception, simulation, and localization.

Voxelmaps Unique Technology

Voxelmaps has developed a technology platform designed to collect HD map data and automate the HD map creation process.

The SYMBO DUO, our integrated mobile mapping system collects HD map data from its state-of-the-art LiDAR, optical cameras, high accuracy GPS, and IMU with the Voxel data being as accurate as 1-4cm.

We have created an automated map creation platform called the Voxelmaps Insight Platform (VIP), a fully automated pipeline to process LiDAR and Imagery data to extract assets, features, and detailed information from collected data sets.

Data Collection Services for HD Maps for AVs

Using the VIP we’re able to automate the processing of the collected data and recognize and extract the features in a voxel-based 3D space, otherwise known as 3D semantic segmentation - these features are then required for us to build a HD map for AVs.

We carry out 3D semantic segmentation through Voxel-based deep learning neural network (AI) models that automatically segment and classify features, as well as capture/extract attributes and linear/volumetric measurement information.

Why are HD maps so important when it comes to AVs? Read the article by clicking here.

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