Telecommunications are hugely benefitting from geospatial technology, especially when it comes to Digital Twins. This advanced technology is allowing telcos to track each step of every process, improve operational efficiency, including network optimization, present insights into new and innovative models, and is ultimately saving businesses significant time and resources!

The Power of Voxelmaps' Unique Technology with 5G

With the continuous increase of mobile users and digital content consumption, a need for a higher level of connectivity was essential. That’s when 5G technology was born.

With 5G being significantly faster than 4G, the placement of 5G antennas and repeaters isn’t as straightforward as the older radio systems. As 5G frequencies are much higher, the signals are absorbed more easily by obstacles such as buildings and trees. This means that the placement of the 5G repeaters must be adapted as soon as the environment around them changes. This can all be achieved with Voxelmaps' unique 4D volumetric technology.

This image you can see is 5G signal strength in a city that’s been collected as a 4D dataset and visualized as a 3D cloud of voxels within a city. Not only can we detect the impact the obstacles such as buildings have on the 5G signal, but we can also model the 5G signal strength inside of the buildings as well.

Discover how Digital Twin Technology can Benefit your Organization

Digital Twin technology is proving significant benefits which are driving productivity, reducing costs, and providing an improved understanding of the performance of physical assets and systems.If you’re involved in the telecommunication sector and would like to learn how we can help, contact us today.

The Infrastructure Bill’s Geospatial Provisions

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