Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere! We encounter it much more frequently than you know or can imagine. Most, if not all, industries can benefit from AI and Machine Learning and many of them are already experiencing the benefits.

Face filters, face ID to unlock your phone, and object/character recognition in photos are just a couple of examples of how we’re using AI in everyday life. In order for these applications to be possible, we must carry out custom AI ground truth data collection.

User Studies – Capturing Custom Imagery & 3D Scans

Using LiDAR imagery and 3D data scans we carry out custom user study projects where we collect data at scale from real-world scenarios and train the algorithms to capture human recognition data. As part of this complex process, we target a wide range of demographics; age, race, gender, and appearance, and collect the data in specific environmental conditions.

Collection at Scale

We operate multi-country/multi-location studies carrying out data collection in many different environments. Voxelmaps has provided our global customers with the capture of over 20,000 custom data sets.

Voxelmaps manages these studies end-to-end, managing all aspects for our customers, from planning, recruitment, systems, staffing, management, logistics & data delivery. Contact us today to learn more!

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