Mobile Mapping

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We run end-to-end mobile mapping projects all over the world, we manage all aspects from planning, vehicles, systems, staffing, mission management, logistics & data delivery.

Mobile Mapping

We collect LiDAR & Street Imagery Data around the Planet for some of the largest companies in the World. 

This data can be collected using Voxelmap’s integrated mobile mapping system called the SYMBO DUO or mobile mapping systems of your choice. The assets and features are then automatically processed and extracted through our AI/Machine Learning (ML) platform called Voxelmaps Insight Platform (VIP). We combine this with human QA to ensure the highest quality, while using VIP to drastically speed up the time to process data.

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The Voxelmaps approach allows us to map assets and infrastructure with unparalleled accuracy, as well as drastically increase efficiency by reducing collection time and costs.

If you’d like to work with a leading geospatial organization with vast experience in operating many different Mobile Mapping Systems and managing Mapping Projects End-to-End, contact us today!

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