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Voxelmaps manages the end-to-end delivery of many spatial data collection projects across the world.

Whether it is mobile mapping for infrastructure projects or HD mapping to create the latest maps, Voxelmaps can rapidly deploy skilled and trained teams around the world. We’ve expertly collected the required data from 26 countries.

We manage all aspects of the project from staffing, logistics, local permit acquisition, data management, data quality, and delivery. 
Below is a list of some of the key services we offer:

  • Outdoor Mobile Mapping - LiDAR & Imagery
  • Indoor Mapping - Backpack & Fixed LiDAR & Imagery
  • Aerial Mapping - LiDAR & Imagery from Drones, Helicopter & Fixed Wing platforms
  • Feature Extraction
  • HD Map Generation
  • Fleet Management
Global Experience 

Voxelmaps has extensive experience in successfully delivering projects in many countries worldwide, including some of the most challenging areas from Alaska to Asia both from an operational and policy perspective.

We collect over a million kilometers of data every year for our clients. Let us help you with your next data collection or mapping project.

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