The Voxelmaps Insight Platform (VIP) provides a fully automated pipeline to process LiDAR and Imagery data to extract assets, features, and detailed information from collected data sets. 

The data is processed using advanced deep learning AI algorithms, to recognize features not just in 2D but using full 3D semantic segmentation for a higher level of accuracy. Additionally, the VIP system is data agnostic, so it can consume data from satellites, manned aerial and unmanned platforms, other mobile sensors, or wearable devices for boots on the ground data collection.
Below is a list of some of the automated data processing we offer:
Co-registration of LiDAR point Clouds
Sensor Fusion of LiDAR, Camera, GNSS & IMU data
Position Accuracy Enhancement through SLAM scene alignment for 3D data
Automated Asset and Feature Extraction of Road and City Scenes
Automated Measurements and Attribute Creation of Road and City Scenes
Indoor LiDAR data processing & Automated Feature Extraction
Deep Learning Based People, Vehicles & Moving Objects Recognition, Extraction and Removal
Automated Privacy Processing – Blurring of People Faces and Number Plate data from Image and Video Data
4D Spatial Data Processing for Change detection in Road and City Scenes
We have extensive experience of exporting the data into many different formats including, but not limited to: Shape, NDS, GeoJSON and XML. In addition to the automated data processing workflows listed above, it is possible for Voxelmaps to customize its algorithms and pipelines to extract other types of data.
The Voxelmaps Insight Platform offers cost-effective, affordable, and accessible tools to collect and utilize digital data to improve business processes, identify potential problems and create new opportunities for organizations within many different industries. Please feel free to reach out if you would like to see what is possible with your data set.

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