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As part of our high-quality aerial mapping service, we utilize LiDAR & imagery from a wide variety of drones, helicopters & fixed-wing platforms.

With Voxelmaps’ advanced remote sensing technology, we’re able to utilize this spatial data to help organizations enhance their business processes and operations workflows. Some of these industries include transportation, utilities, telecommunication, and natural resources.
Voxelmaps projects and services list:
  • Complex Aerial Mapping Project - Urban Mapping, Forestry, Nearshore and Large Terrain Mapping
  • Aerial LiDAR on Helicopters & Fixed Wing - We use the latest LiDAR sensor from Leica, Teledyne and Riegl
  • High Resolution Aerial Imagery (5x150mpx) - Phase one sensors, Oblique & Nadir
  • Bathymetric LiDAR Coastal and Inland Waterway Mapping

If you'd like to find out how we can collect aerial data and turn it into valuable information for your business, allowing you to make fast, efficient, and informed decisions, contact us today.

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