February 7, 2022
Peter Atalla

What Is The Difference Between Human Maps & Machine Maps?

3D Maps

Human Maps

We’re all pretty familiar with these kinds of maps. They’re the maps we have on our phones, in our cars, on our computers and their main purpose is navigating people from point A to B. Whether that’s a city, a street, a building or for visualizing data.

The majority of this data is 2D, there are 3D elements, but not in excessive amounts. In addition to this, the accuracy of the data is relatively low with a resolution of 1 - 3 meters.

What we do here at Voxelmaps is a little bit different…

Machine Maps

At Voxelmaps, we’re really focused on the concept of Maps For Machines. The maps we produce are true 3D spatial models, where we’re analyzing every single object that we see in a given environment.

In a city, that’s everything from buildings to road infrastructure to telecommunications and utility assets. In a non-urban area, it could be things like vegetation and land structures. Our advanced 3D technology is to an exceptional amount of accuracy, 1 - 4cm in terms of resolution.

What we do is not just about identifying the location of objects, it’s also about understanding the features and the attributes, so we’re able to collect accurate measurements and other data that’s incredibly important.

What Do We Mean By ‘Machines’?

This is everything from Artificial Intelligence models that are used to manage smart cities, monitor ecology and environments, to supporting new forms of autonomy, whether that’s autonomous vehicles, robots or drones.

It’s a real requirement that this data exists everywhere. So not only are we able to accurately collect and process data outdoors, but we’re also able to do the same for indoor environments, subterranean features and even subsurface ocean data!

Take a look at Peter Atalla’s talk on Voxelizing the Earth here - https://youtu.be/KwltltjZlHU

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