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The extraction of assets and the creation of HD map data from LiDAR point clouds and images is typically a manual and time-consuming process. VoxelMaps has developed a platform called VAMS which automates the process.
VAMS is a platform that uses a number of Artificial Intelligence techniques to understand objects and asset in both 2D images and 3D voxel data.

These AI technologies rapidly process the 3D voxel data collected from VoxelMap’s SYMBO devices and extract the required features, exporting them into any required data format.
VAMS is not just a platform that recognizes objects, but it also automatically measures the objects, both the entire object and key sections, providing detailed attributes on every asset mapped.

VAMS is currently trained to recognize the most common objects requested for infrastructure and road network mapping, new objects are constantly being added to the platform. VAMS can also be trained to recognize new object and assets.
The VAMS platform performs this recognition in 3D, allowing higher recognition performance than traditional 2D pixel-level semantic segmentation engines.

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