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Mapping The World

Voxelmaps manages the end-to-end collection & delivery of many spatial data collection projects across the world.

Terrestrial Map Data Collection

We collect LiDAR & Street Imagery Data around the Planet for some of the largest companies in the World. 

Aerial Map Data Collection

As part of our high-quality aerial mapping service, we utilize LiDAR & imagery from a wide variety of drones, helicopters & fixed-wing platforms.

Indoor & Pedestrian Mapping

Voxelmaps provides collection services of building interiors and pedestrian areas using backpack or handheld LiDAR and camera-based scanners.

Mapping People and Things

Aside from mapping the physical world, we also collect data to help ‘machines’ understand objects, people, animals, and even sounds. 

Mapping People

Using LiDAR imagery and 3D data scans we carry out custom user study projects where we collect data at scale from real-world scenarios and train the algorithms to capture human recognition data.

Mapping Objects and Things

We use AI technology to map objects in real-world environments.

Mapping Soundscapes

We collect a number of custom AI training data sets and train the algorithms to help machines hear, understand and recognize sounds.

Voxelmaps Products

SYMBO DUO Mobile Mapping

SYMBO DUO is an all-in-one mobile mapping solution for the creation of true Volumetric 3D map data with HD accuracy

Voxelmaps Insight Platform

The Voxelmaps Insight Platform (VIP) provides a fully automated pipeline to process LiDAR and Imagery data to extract assets, features, and detailed information from collected data sets.

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