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Voxelmaps Services

Spatial Data Collection & Project Staffing

Voxelmaps manages the end-to-end delivery of many spatial data collection projects across the world.

Asset & Infrastructure Mapping

End-to-end mapping service for assets and infrastructure for Utility Companies, Telecoms and Cities.

HD Map Data Creation

Voxelmaps has developed a technology platform designed to collect HD map data and automate much of the HD map creation process.

4D City Mapping

3D virtual models of cites with accuracy levels down to 2cms.

Indoor Volumetric Mapping

Indoor mapping using Voxel mapping LiDAR and Camera based scanners combined with Voxelmaps VAMs mapping platform.

Voxelmaps Products

SYMBO 3D Mapping Hardware

SYMBO is an all-in-one mobile mapping solution for the creation of true Volumetric 3D map data with HD accuracy

VAMS Automated Feature Extraction

Rapidly extract assets and create HD map data from Lidar point clouds and images using the Voxelmaps automated platform.

Voxelmaps Data Explorer

A powerful 3D voxel environment that allows you to explore the 3D Voxel data collected

Voxelmaps AI Training Tool

Train your own AI networks using the VAMS platform to recognize new features in 3D voxel data sets.

VAMs Map Creation Cloud

Process data from the SYMBO mobile mapping hardware and in a fully automated way, process the data to create HD map data and extract required features and assets.

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VIP LiDAR & Video Data Processing
Data Explorer
3D AI Training